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The Allentown Chapter of the Honorary First Defenders traces its origins to the time immediately before World War II when a group of local business and professional men joined together to support the local citizen soldiers about to be called up with the early mobilizations in anticipation of our entrance into the war.
Many years have passed and times have changed, but the need to support our local Army National Guard and Reserve Components is as necessary now as it has ever been.
Our membership is limited to 213 members, plus 10 Provisional Members, and is open to any adult citizen of the United States of America of good moral character and standing in the community.
Upon review and approval of the Membership Committee, your application will be placed on the Waiting List in chronological order. Your name will be placed on our mailing list and you will be notified of all events.
You should understand that members of the Honorary First Defenders are expected to be active participants in our several annual activities. You will be expected to attend at least one Military Ball or Dining-In/Annual Meeting in a 3-year period or you will forfeit your membership. Completion of this form only shows interest in the organization, you will be contacted as to membership details.

Date: ____________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: __________________ State: _________ ZIP: __________ Phone: _______________

Occupation: _________________________________________

Military Rank, if any: ___________________ Branch of Service: ___________________

Briefly state your reasons for requesting membership: _______________________________



HFD Sponsor (if known): ___________________________________________

Return Completed Form to:
Commander, Honorary First Defenders
C/O 216 N. 39th St. Allentown, PA. 18104-5112
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